Mystic & Writer 

Gwynevere Guild is a metaphysician & author of epic fantasy novels inspired by myths and mysticism. Her newsletter Mystic’s Field Journal reports her explorations in the world of spirituality and metaphysics. She shares her work through gatherings that blend modern breakthroughs with ancient wisdom to create fun and functional rituals.

A mystic from early childhood, I have always been fascinated by ancient mythologies and modern miracles that stretch the limits of our scientific understanding of the world and our place in it. I study the overlap between spirituality and psychology in order to develop unique approaches for healing trauma and building self-confidence. I use the best of ancient spirituality & modern psychology to develop engaging & enlightening Gatherings that help others connect with their own intuition and inner wisdom. When I'm not busy reading research articles or meditating on the meaning of life, I love falling into a writing hole or getting lost in nature.

I hope you'll join me soon for a Gathering, a good read, or a personal coaching session!


Gwynevere Guild

Mystic's Field Journal

The world(s) described through a mystic's eyes

Gwyn attempts to make sense of metaphysics, one metaphor at a time

Divinely Dirty Fantasies

Like nothing you've ever read before

Inspired in part by her experiences as a mystic, Gwynevere Guild's novels are full of magic, mayhem and romance of mythical proportions. Binge the entire Sacred Fire Saga on Kindle & in paperback!

Gwyn's Gatherings

Where spirituality & science meet

Special events to reconnect you with your intuition and teach you healthy strategies for dealing with big emotions