Sacred Fire Saga

Featuring a magical heroine, a royal romance, and a love triangle between a kinky king and the god of her dreams!The Sacred Fire Saga is the perfect feminine fantasy full of love, sex, and magic.


Luna is headed to the altar — as a sacrifice!

When some important-looking strangers come to town and ask for the daydreamy village lunatic by name, no one is sure what to expect — especially the Lunatic! Then the strangers reveal they are taking her to the Shrine of the Speaking Flames, an ancient temple with a scandalous reputation.

Suddenly Luna has a whole new life: a devoted Divine Consort, a hallowed home, and a new title as the most powerful woman in the kingdom. In exchange, she must submit to the magic machinations of a heavy-handed hierarchy by serving as a sacred vessel in an erotic ritual between humans and the divine.

Life as Wife of God is more or less rapturous, but not everyone is as ecstatic as the newlyweds — including the priests who arranged them. The tension is escalating between the temple’s tame traditions and the Wild God’s bawdy bride. As Luna exposes centuries of corruption and cruelty that are haunting her holy home, she realizes that saving the kingdom will take a miracle — and she is the only miracle worker left!

Under threat of possession and beheading, Luna must embrace her inner power to rekindle the temple’s sacred fire and reignite a doomed kingdom’s faith in the divine — all while navigating the surprises of her unconventional marriage.

Do this backwoods village lunatic and her sacred spouse have what it takes to restore the kingdom to sanity? Or will Luna become an unwilling thrall in a game between gods like the high priestesses who came before her?

The first book in the Sacred Fire Saga, LUNATIC is a spellbinding story of magic, madness, and an oddly impossible love overcoming impossible odds.


She wanted the King to take her side…Now he wants to take her to bed.

When Luna set out to save her kingdom, and her head, she only meant for the stormy King Tannish to be her ally against the treacherous Priesthood of the Shrine of the Speaking Flames. Instead, the King had a racy request: to practice risqué rites with the electrifying High Priestess as his partner. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her on an altar, including making a brazen bargain with Luna's holy husband.

Thanks to the King’s provocative plans for her, Luna is facing accusations of heresy and harlotry from a rowdy rabble of provincial priests. Suddenly their tantalizing tall tales — and the Shrine’s most scandalous secret - are endangering the High Priestess’s chances of saving her temple and her kingdom.

Inexperienced in men and their machinations, Luna desires nothing more than to retreat to the idyllic fantasy world she shares with her sacred spouse. But as a hot-blooded King and a posse of plotting priests converge on the Holy City, she is pulled into a high stakes Game of Fates full of salacious schemes, intoxicating intrigue, and mind-blowing magic that will make her rethink who she is and what she has to offer her kingdom. Now she must play by her own rules to avoid being corrupted or conquered by those who are obsessed with dominating the High Priestess and her power.

As tensions rise, so does the heat, and all of this magical mayhem is awakening Luna’s sacred fire. Now it’s taking on a mind of its own, and it's dragging Luna along on a sexy — and scary — adventure in discovering her powers as the Tempest. But will the High Priestess learn how to possess her magic before it possesses her? And will it be enough to survive the rising tides of passion and revenge sparked by the King’s scandalous request?

An explosive sequel to the divinely dirty novel LUNATIC, anticipate even more magic, mystery, and romance of mythological proportions in this captivating second installment of the Sacred Fire Saga.


A harem is no place for a demon-killer!

Luna survived her mistrial by fire, only to find herself under arrest in King Tannish’s palace. Everyone suspects he wants to add her to his collection — including Luna. But Tannish's plans are thwarted when Luna’s identity as a mythological demon-killer known as the Tempest sparks mayhem and mishaps in his council and kingdom.

Luna’s emerging alter-ego is turning her life upside down as she tries to make sense of memories from past lives and worries about rewriting the future of her doomed kingdom. Being an ancient demon-killer in a civilized society comes with complications, and suddenly this backwoods village lunatic finds herself caught up in the intrigues of the mortals and immortals who hold power in her kingdom. Everyone has an opinion on the controversial High Priestess of the Shrine of the Speaking Flames, but in order to step into her role as a Champion of Fate, Luna must decide for herself: Is the Tempest good or evil — or something more complicated than that?

The Tempest isn’t the only one returning to Terraluz, and the arrival of new gods brings old rules meant to keep the Tempest under control — and out of the arms of her mate. When her complicated past jeopardizes her future with the god of her dreams, Luna wonders if true love really can conquer all, or if she should give up her hopes of becoming the happiest woman in the world? But as she navigates human politics, demonic plots, and mind games with gods, Luna is starting to realize the Tempest is nobody’s pawn. She has what it takes to do the impossible — and that includes getting everything she ever wanted.

As the heat rises between the gods, demons, and humans of the Kingdom of Terraluz, Luna must learn to accept her powers and embrace her destiny as a legendary demon-killer. But will that be enough to save her kingdom — and her chance at happiness?

The third and final installment of the Sacred Fire Saga, DEMONIC is a storm of magic, romance, and happily ever after in the face of impossible odds.

(Coming Soon!)

See where the Tempest's story started in this prequel to the Sacred Fire Saga. Coming in 2023! Check back for news and updates!

"Way more than a romance novel..." 

"The perfect romance novel [for] fans of magic, myth, and romance...Outlander-style romance scenes with a dash of feminism and the power of love." 

"Great for romance and fantasy readers that want to try something different and exciting." 

"...A steamy read that is also so well-written and thought-provoking that you don't even feel guilty reading it."

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